Tuesday, 11 October 2016

15mm FOW Battlefront Team Yankee ZSU 23-4 "Shilka", 1.5 million hits.......

..........and has anyone seen my blog rolls?

A couple of 15mm ZSU 23-4 from Flames of War new Team Yankee range set around the time of the cold war in the 1980's, the pieces are resin with metal parts, they're not too bad apart from some damage to the hull (broken pieces not in blister pack either). Painted up for forces either in the middle east or eastern Europe and still in use to this day!

Trying to use what I can for my modern skirmish gaming and have used some other vehicles from the range including scenery!

Hit 1.5 million hits a while back but wasn't online at the time and in the last few days have lost both blog rolls ( I know a little careless but they have vanished) and I am currently trying to catch up and remember a lot, if you want to remind me of any just check the current blog roll to the left.

The acronym "ZSU" stands for Zenitnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka (RussianЗенитная Самоходная Установка), meaning "anti-aircraft self-propelled mount"; the "23" signifies the bore diameter in millimeters; the "4" signifies the number of gun barrels. It is named after the Shilka River in Russia. Afghan soldiers nicknamed it the "sewing machine" due to the sound of firing guns. It is also referred to by its nickname of "Zeus".

15mm figures from Flytrap and Khurasan to show scale.

Friday, 7 October 2016

The beginnings of a shanty town.......

........in 15mm from Ironclad , Khurasan and Peter Pig!

These were completed during the Analogue 2015 shenanigans but didn't count due to some scenery bias from the judges, anyway the majority of scenery (fences/buildings) is Ironclad(they were having a sale) apart from street lights (khurasan), telegraph poles (peter pig).

There will be more additions, some already painted, some not........plus possibly graffiti and posters?

Good pieces of kit from Ironclad.........

Not part of the shanty town but they were such a good price from Ironclad and when is there ever enough crates and barrels?

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

15mm Modern Heavy "Juggernaut" Tactical Hardsuits........

.......from Evil Bear Wargames.

Been off the internet for nearly seven weeks due to maniac tractor driver and his ability to dig through cables and fecking unhelpful internet providers but shit happens, anyway that's why I haven't been around any blogs for a while and cheers to the many people who checked up on me during the mini crisis!

The figures are resin and are quality sculpts, very crisp, the only niggle for me was the very steep postage from the UK to Ireland, I understand it's only one packet but more than a couple of 100% mark up is hard to bear and I understand that if I don't like it I shouldn't order but if we all thought like that where would the hobby be?

They're still nice figures...........

15mm Khurasan and Flytrap Factory for size comparison,